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[ Who We Are ]

We are creators of beautiful, custom website design and installation.


We possess a special blend of skills that you won’t find with every web designer. We combine our graphic design work with knowledge of the web to bring your site to life. The days are gone where you can impress your visitors with a cookie cutter website. Let us take us take your site to the next level with a redesign, or we can build you an entire new website.

We have over a decades experience in the corporate world and know how important timely executions and deadlines are. Trust when you bring us in to build your website it will not only be done in a timely fashion, but it will be beautiful too.

Graphic Design0%
Web Development0%


[ We approach all of our projects with one goal in mind, to make your dream website. ]

  • 01 IDEA

    Together we will brainstorm to find the best style to suit your dream website design.

  • 02 CONCEPT

    We will build a mockup on our servers for your review and to tweak it into perfection.


    We will implement your new site overnight and be up and running before your morning coffee.


    We will ensure your website is in good heath and ready to drive traffic.


    We can also look after your site and keep you running at its peak. SEO and performance optimizations info.

So What’s the One 8 about?

One 8 is where you can find us, specifically 18° Latitude. We work remotely and provide high-quality web development from anywhere in the world. Our longitude might change but, just about all of our favorite places in the world sit at 18° north of the equator, and that’s where we will be making your website. We always have a high-speed internet connection and mobile data on our phones. Reachable any time of the day and ready to help you build your dream website.